The Cape expanded

The daily cape wearing continues. Sometimes I see her in the cape and love that she is almost three and has spent the entire summer wearing the same little shorts and shirt. What could be better and more satisfying that wearing your favorite cape everyday? Other days I look wistfully at the clean, stain free, clothes I bought for her at the kids swap meets that she never wore. Oy. We don’t even try to get the stains out of the cape anymore.

She attended her first day of Chinese School in the cape and my flip flops. Oh gosh I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel some kind of pressure to have her wear something that was at least clean looking and shoes that fit. I just kept remember going with my mother in law to see my nieces at their Chinese school. My mother in law brings with her a brush, hair clips and home sewn skirts to fix up my nieces after their parents drop them off.  I am so not measuring up, but we made it and the school I found is awesome.

I recently have been able to slightly expand the cape to include a purple monkey shirt. The label on the inside even says the grape cape. When she accepted it as a cape  I bought two more exactly the same. I also sewed some monkey patches on some pants in the hopes to ease the transition to colder weather clothes. I haven’t done anything creative for a long time and it was so satisfying to design some capes for her. I keep a few non-cape clothes items in her drawer in case she wants to wear something else, but so far she is sticking to her favorite capes.


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  1. I love that she loves to wear a cape…how awesome is that?! My daughter has a hot pink cape with a heart on it and she used to wear it a lot, too. We even had to travel with it so she could match her cousin (out-of-state) and his cape!

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