Where to go…

Change is in the air. F got regularized at the college. We get both limits and freedom with this. She will have two months off vacation and one month of professional development. She works hard when she is teaching. Those other three months she can be anywhere. That is a lot of freedom. It almost gives us too many options. There is talk of a masters.

My work is under so much change I really don’t know what my department will look like in six months. The unknowing makes it a little tricky to plan and I really love my department and colleagues. I have learned and grown a lot in the past few months as I have been immersed (and for two months this summer the big cheese) in all these changes.  Who knows what will happen for me in terms of work and how we will juggle it in terms of work/family/travel balance.

Now we start thinking…where to go? When can we take time off? What is right for Pnut? What is good for all of us as a family? The age-old question…can we travel to Brunei without risking imprisonment? Gotta start phoning the consultants again.



3 responses

  1. I cannot imagine how freeing life feels for you right now. To not be tied down…I cannot even imagine. Good luck with travel plans!

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