A little about us

Doing a little of this and a little of that I am on the go girl. When I am not working, Pnut and I can usually be found out doing everyday adventures. I love sunshine and Hawaii. I dream big.

Who are we? We are a family of three plus pets. I found an amazing online community and started blogging while on our long and difficult journey to get pregnant. After two and a half years and both of us trying we made it and are here living our everyday great life.  Now is a new chapter. I no longer think about charts, cycles and drugs. What I do think about is keeping it green, travel (and how to do it as a queer family), living with passion and purpose, family, community, alternative education and fun. And so a new blog is born.

The girl of my dreams (F)A rock in our family and also the one who is always ready for change. A techy girl, a foody and our family’s lead ukelelist.


She loves animals, visiting the farm, reading but hates library story-time. Ask her how old she is and she will tell you she is big enough to ride a pony. She is over all a pretty chill girl who likes wearing clothes with monkeys on them.


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