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Where to go…

Change is in the air. F got regularized at the college. We get both limits and freedom with this. She will have two months off vacation and one month of professional development. She works hard when she is teaching. Those other three months she can be anywhere. That is a lot of freedom. It almost gives us too many options. There is talk of a masters.

My work is under so much change I really don’t know what my department will look like in six months. The unknowing makes it a little tricky to plan and I really love my department and colleagues. I have learned and grown a lot in the past few months as I have been immersed (and for two months this summer the big cheese) in all these changes.  Who knows what will happen for me in terms of work and how we will juggle it in terms of work/family/travel balance.

Now we start thinking…where to go? When can we take time off? What is right for Pnut? What is good for all of us as a family? The age-old question…can we travel to Brunei without risking imprisonment? Gotta start phoning the consultants again.




Pnut is 3ish. We moved her birthday up a couple of months so that we could have friends together at the nearby farm and ride her favorite pony. We are an urban family raising a farmer. Yesterday she just wanted to stay and watch the farmer clean out stalls, in other words shovel manure.

I moved my birthday years ago and it is has been so freeing. There was very little positive holding me to that date. Moving my birthday was freed me from those times.

I aim to have the most fun possible everyday and flexible birthdays fits with that very nicely. A farm birthday with her friends and favorite pony was perfect.

The Cape expanded

The daily cape wearing continues. Sometimes I see her in the cape and love that she is almost three and has spent the entire summer wearing the same little shorts and shirt. What could be better and more satisfying that wearing your favorite cape everyday? Other days I look wistfully at the clean, stain free, clothes I bought for her at the kids swap meets that she never wore. Oy. We don’t even try to get the stains out of the cape anymore.

She attended her first day of Chinese School in the cape and my flip flops. Oh gosh I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel some kind of pressure to have her wear something that was at least clean looking and shoes that fit. I just kept remember going with my mother in law to see my nieces at their Chinese school. My mother in law brings with her a brush, hair clips and home sewn skirts to fix up my nieces after their parents drop them off.  I am so not measuring up, but we made it and the school I found is awesome.

I recently have been able to slightly expand the cape to include a purple monkey shirt. The label on the inside even says the grape cape. When she accepted it as a cape  I bought two more exactly the same. I also sewed some monkey patches on some pants in the hopes to ease the transition to colder weather clothes. I haven’t done anything creative for a long time and it was so satisfying to design some capes for her. I keep a few non-cape clothes items in her drawer in case she wants to wear something else, but so far she is sticking to her favorite capes.

The Cape

Shortly after watching a Sesame Street video on superheros, Pnut declared this pair of green monkey pajamas her cape. She now wears it 24 hours a day. We had one pair and they were sold out in Canada. Thankfully some friends were coming to visit from the states and we were able to express ship another pair to their house and they brought it with them. She wears one and we wash the other and hang it on the line. What you can’t see in these pictures is that the cape includes a purple monkey tank top. One of the best ways to wash it is to let her take a bath in it. She has now been wearing this cape for over a month.  On the plus side, I think of travel and life in general and how little clothes she really needs especially when there is a little sun to dry things. At the same time, I am looking forward to her wearing clothes again.

The Cape